About durum wheat semolina

What is hard (durum) wheat and why is it better to use to make pasta than soft wheat?


It is a common fact that flour is made from wheat. There are many types of wheat and one of these special kinds is classed as Durum (Triticum durum) – a word which in fact derives from the Latin word for hard. Durum is a special selected kind of wheat and from so called regular kind it differs by its size, hardness and above all, by the larger protein content (30-50% more proteins).


The percentage of protein in pasta made from high-quality durum wheat also shows the level of pasta quality. A higher percentage means better quality pasta.


Not only is durum different due to its biochemical and biological content, it is also milled in a special way and in terms of growth, Durum does not grow equally well across the globe and is often known as pasta wheat. Durum wheat semolina, as a raw ingredient due to its valuable characteristics, is considerably more expensive than regular flour.


In order to achieve the highest quality, within the production of Marodi pasta we only use carefully selected and strictly controlled top quality durum wheat semolina.