About Water

“Water is a source of life” is a familiar saying, but why is that? Water consists of around 70% of the human body and covers around 70% of the planet Earth. It is one of the main conditions for growth of plant and animal life and serves for recreation, hygiene, refreshment etc. Croatia belongs to the elite group of the thirty most wealthy “water” countries in the world. According to UNESCO’s research which shows the condition of water in 188 countries of the world, Croatia is third for water richness in Europe with only the northern countries of Norway and Iceland being wealthier in terms of water than Croatia.


Health-wise, Croatia can also feel privileged due to the fact that almost the entire country has unconditionally drinkable water “from the tap”. In the region of Međimurje, the condition of water is close to ideal and nearly all of the water testing show results of absolutely healthy water.


During the production process of Marodi pasta, water is additionally tested because the quality of the final product also depends on the water temperature, water hardness and mineral content. Using only the best quality healthy water is absolutely imperative to our production, so the water used in pasta production is not chemically treated.


Water is a main ingredient in any food, as well as in pasta. The quality and healthiness of water influences the quality of the final product and because of that fact, we take special care of the water used throughout the production process of Marodi pasta.


Generally, food with too much water (humidity) tends to go bad more quickly and is not as tasty, while equally food which does not contain enough water becomes too hard with a dry texture, more difficult to digest and poor in taste. That is why the ratio of water in food plays such an important role.


Through long tradition and hard work, experience and know-how, we at Marodi Pasta have discovered the key secret ingredient which is pure, natural and high-quality water – that is why we put such a great deal of emphasis on water.