How to cook pasta

When cooking pasta we recommend using a large dish, 10 times larger in volume than the net weight of pasta (a ratio of 400 grams of pasta to 4 litres of water). Place the pasta in boiling water and in order to cook it al dente, you should cook the pasta according to the exact recommended time printed on the packaging.

Cooking times vary and depend on the pasta shape although it is stated clearly on the packaging.

For 4 litres of water add one teaspoon of salt just before the water starts to boil.

If you add oil, add it to the cooked (served) pasta. Adding the oil will not prevent the pasta from sticking together. Using high-quality pasta such as MARODI with an adequate ratio of water and pasta will prevent the pasta sticking together.


Why is al dente cooking important?

Al dente (literal translation: for tooth) is an Italian expression which explains the way of cooking pasta until it is still firm, yet no longer hard – still giving resistance when you bite it, but still have to chew due to its firmness.

  • Al dente pasta retains the aroma and texture – the taste is not over-cooked but it stays contained within the pasta enabling us to enjoy the true taste of pasta.
  • Al dente pasta has a lower glycemic index than softly cooked (over-cooked) pasta – it means that the body absorbs glucose at a lower speed which is a strong advantage, especially for diabetics.

Additionally, certain studies have shown that al dente pasta is easier to digest, while over-      cooked pasta provides more challenges to the digestive system.


Does cooked pasta need to be washed with water?

Pasta should not be washed with water after cooking. The washing is used as a method to drain away the excess starch. Pasta of poor quality containing low protein and high starch, releases far too much starch resulting in pasta glued together.

MARODI pasta is produced from high-quality durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs and when cooked, it releases very little but quality starch.

Many famous chefs decide not to drain away the water and use it to enrich other dishes. Our recommendation is to completely drain the pasta.

After cooking, the best combination is to mix the pasta with the sauce – and eat it warm!


A meal sets you in a good mood!