Why choose egg-pasta?

About eggs


Nutritionally speaking, eggs contain all amino acids needed for the human body and therefore are classed as a “whole food”. Apart from amino acids, eggs are an excellent source of phosphor, selenium, riboflavin, pantothenic acid together with vitamins B12, A and D. Eggs are a source of iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and folat. Additionally, they act as a medium source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, thiamine and vitamin E.


When boiling an egg, it retains all of its nutritive characteristics whist in contrast, when frying an egg, it actually loses a great deal.


Due to the carefully selected and controlled parameters in the production of Marodi egg-pasta, all the essential nutritive characteristics are conserved which is just one of the reasons why Marodi egg-pasta is different and – more than just a side dish!


The advantage of egg-pasta


Egg-pasta is nutritionally richer that pasta made without eggs and furthermore, egg-pasta has a greater gourmand value – it tastes better, has a more intense yellow colour and tougher consistency. Proteins build muscles, repair damaged muscle fibres, tissues and organism cells, build enzymes, hormones, hemoglobin and antibodies, and the immune system. Simply, the biological value of proteins that are synthesized is the degree in which these proteins will be integrated into the proteins of the human body. Egg proteins have extremely high biological value (even 93.7%).


Marodi egg-pasta is high-quality, safe and healthy food, and the control process is implemented in each and every production phase several times. We strictly only use checked and pasteurised fresh eggs.


Egg-pasta has richness in taste and can be classed as a “perfect food”.


MARODI pasta rich in protein – your growing factor!